Thursday, March 19, 2009

Club Monaco brings on the Bling

I was lured to the Club Monaco website after reading on My Delightful Obsessions that students can get a 20% discount from my favorite thing to come out of Canada (next to Sonu, of course). I'm not a student and haven't been one for awhile, but anyway, moving on ...

While it was a total downer to be excluded from the discount, it was a joy to see these v. cool accessories Club Monaco is coming out with this spring. The necklaces are bangin! Priced at $69, $79 and $129 from left to right, so I'll probably end up with the leftmost one if I buy any of these. Or maybe the cobalt blue? (Sonu is nodding her head in agreement ... or maybe whipping out her credit card?) It adds such an amazing pop of color to any outfit.

These cuffs are pretty awesome too. No price on them on the website so it'll be a suprise. I'd kill for the wooden and yellow gold one though I'm sure that this, like every other cuff, will not fit me too.

Thank you Club Monaco for the gorgeous accessories. Now if you'd put them on sale right now, we'd love you even more.


SonuJ said...

SO cute....I'd lust after the are right...but someone special gave me my staple indigo blue necklace last year!!

If you can be patient for 5 bus days, why not let me (i.e. RAM) buy it for you....he is still a student! I am so in debt for C.Novenario's shipping service that this would even us out! Trust me, I can't place a monetary value on your time and effort, but I can put a bling value on it!!!

x x x x

The Chiconomist Celine said...

You are the sweetest!!! Of course I can wait, and anyway you know I can't help myself from aiding your shopping escapades heeheehee :-)

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