Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's that wonderful time of the year

My great glove-hunt brought me to Fifth Avenue today, straight to my favorite holiday windows: Bergdorf Goodman. Last year was a lush display of Eastern opulance with plenty of gilding and rich jewel tones. This year, I feel that Bergdorf's windows are a tad more subdued, maybe as a reaction to the economic uncertainty enveloping the globe. The breathtaking level of detail and sheer imagination that I've come to expect out of Bergdorf's is still here in spades, but without the unbridled exuberance of past years. I think it's appropriate and done in good taste.

Times may be tough, but as long as there is beauty, love and promise in the world, there's always reason to celebrate. Take a look at the gorgeous windows below. I hope they make you as excited about the holidays as I am!






P.S. I froze and shoo-ed numerous tourists to take these pics so please credit and link back to my blog if you swipe any of them. Thanks!


cd said...

Cel! I can imagine you shooing tourists away! So funny I was laughing to myself!

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Hahaha I kept going, "Excuse me, can I just take a picture??" Cos inevitably, right when you're about to take it, some clueless person wanders into your frame with mouth agape. Grrrr I totally turn into Scrooge!


wow great photos!
i love holiday windows...
'tis the season

and get those tourists out your way!

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