Sunday, November 09, 2008

Handling my compulsion

It took all sorts of willpower to order just ONE thing from Forever 21 and not go to town with the justification that I get free shipping with a $75 purchase. I didn't want to pay $5 and change for shipping, but I also didn't want to go crazy buying stuff I would ultimately feel sorry I bought. I figured that the alternative to paying shipping, which was hauling ass to Forever 21 and actually buying the damn thing, was not much cheaper. I'd have to spend $4 on the subway ride. And then seriously, I'd pay $1.50 to not have to search for the damn skirt in 4 floors packed with messy merchandise, shoppers, and long long lines on a Sunday afternoon.

The one thing I HAD to have was a black sequined mini, after seeing this outfit on Karla. With the holidays fast approaching, I needed to secure a New Year's Eve ready mini at a reasonable price (Last year in a panic I shelled out over a hundred for a sequined dress that however fabulous cannot be worn multiple times). If I wasn't being so conscientious about spending, I would've bought all of this:

I'm hurting a little for not ordering the rosette-topped shirt. I didn't see it before placing my order and now I just don't want to pay for shipping uh-gain. I guess I can live without it. The roses would probably look like doodoo after 1 run in the washing mashine. I thought about the faux leather jacket long and hard. I love the silhuette but I will never be truly happy with a faux leather jacket so I thought I'd just put the $35 dollars towards the ruffled coat that I really want from Urban Outfitters and call it a day. The shoes are cute but I shouldn't tempt the gods by ordering shoes priced below $30. They would probably hurt like hell, and if there's something I cannot afford right now, it's shoes that hurt too much to actually wear.

Aaaah I miss the days of thoughtless, impulse buying. Tough times indeed.


Sonu said...

That skirt is mega cute! AND you saved a bundle girlie, I know express had sequined skirts for $50..... :-)

The Chiconomist Celine said...

yeah my co-worker got a skirt from express but she said it's more of a pencil skirt. sounds good too right? Im tempted to buy tons of sequined stuff but must. have. restraint!

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