Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Going Public

Ok it's been fashion overload on this blog ... time for a food post! A few weeks ago, Johan and I stopped by Public for a quick dinner and it was goooood. Public is a slick and expansive space deceptively tucked in a quiet stretch of Elizabeth Street between Spring and Prince in Nolita. Mika and I stumbled onto this restaurant but never got the chance to eat there, but I fully intend on dragging him there for another dinner!

The restaurant was packed that night so we ate at the bar, which I would recommend if you're not having a formal night out. The meal somehow still felt intimate even though we were seated at the bar. The restaurant evokes a feeling of being in an old municipal building, with library card catalogues used as dividers and menus resembling old office forms. It looks cool, but there's a total disconnect with the cuisine. That said, I enjoyed Public's Australasian-inflected cuisine. Johan had pan-seared New Zealand snapper on wasabi-boniato mash with poached conch, pickled ginger, and yao choy. The snapper was perfectly flaky and extremely flavorful. One bite of it made me swear I'd be back to order the dish for myself! I picked the roast duck breast with grilled peach chutney, taro root pancake and green mango-jicama salad. I loved how the rich flavor of duck was tempered with the sweetness of the grilled peach chutney and the crisp freshness of the green mango-jicama salad. The taro root pancake, I was not a fan of, but I never really enjoyed taro anyway.

Also worth mentioning is The Monday Room, Public's adjacent wine bar without a bar. Whilst seated in soft tufted leather chairs, a wine steward serves you your choice of libation from a list of 60 wines. There are great cocktails, small plates, and desserts to be had here, too. It is intimate, secluded, and absolutely perfect for a date.

The Monday Room

Where: 210 Elizabeth Street. Tel. 212.343.7011. Reservations are recommended.


Sonu said...

Cel this place looks amazing! I literally was in tears yesterday after having invited a busload of people to my bday with no good venue....I hate that in calgary to host a bday you have to go to place A or B, but nothing else. Sim and I are sooo on board for a 2009 NYC move.....here's hoping..


The Chiconomist Celine said...

Holy crap you made me panic for two seconds ... it isn't your birthday yet, I didn't forget!

Awww sweetie I really really really hope so! Johan is also seriously considering it so it would be too awesome ... crossing fingers and toes!!!

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