Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Shopping Crawl

I took a mini break from blogging and actually had a life this past week. I've also really been working my ass off to meet an an impending website launch—so to my lovely friends who've been chorusing, "Do you do any work at all? You blog SO MUCH!" here's proof that YES I do!

This Dutch storm called Johan also blew into NY for a little over a week so I've been busy throwing gorgeous women at him to convince him to move here from Amsterdam. I have also been busy witnessing him continue his retail onslaught. These European men do love their shopping. So I trolled Macy's, Bloomies and Saks all weekend long while Johan blew his Euros away.

Macy's was a nightmare of tourists and Ed Hardy merch. Saks was heavenly with its stupendous shoe salon. But Bloomies? At Bloomies today, I learned the meaning of unrequited love.

Within Bloomies' perfumed halls, I met the Chloé Paraty bag. There it was in all its sumptuous black python glory. I got to touch it, sling it over my shoulder and place it on the crook of my arm, and I all but swooned. It is BEAUTIFUL. The python is soooo soft to the touch, but the bag retains its structure when you're wearing it (Unlike my beloved Paddington hobo which slouches into a lovable but mushy leather mass). Best of all, it is not heavy at all. It is so compact but still a substantial size.

With it's $4000 price tag and legions of adoring fans though, I know Miz Paraty and I probably do not have a future together. Sigh. For once in my life, I understand how Katie Holmes got lured into this Scientology mess. All they have to do is dangle a Paraty in front of me and I'd probably walk straight into a life full of barley water and aliens too.

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Anonymous said...

yes! that's the one i want too!!

btw, saw your blog from tin's :-)

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