Monday, October 06, 2008

Ready for a Spook?

Ok venturing into un-chic territory here, but Halloween is a very very very important event in New York so I've been thinking of what costume to wear this year. My Starbucks barista costume has been very good to me but has been used for a Halloween and 2 German Karnevals, so it's gotta retire.

1. Characters that make sense with my hair color, because getting dressed up is tiresome enough without wondering if blond hair goes with my complexion (it doesn't, not any shade)
2. Not too slutty because New York is full of crazies!
3. No Lolita costumes cos I would probably look like the real thing and I don't feel like hearing "Me love you long time!" all night long

So here are my choices:

I have been IN LOVE with the Rainbow Brite costume since I saw it on this girl in Jersey in 2006. I totally heart it. It's the priciest at 64.99 but it does come with those super cute legwarmers, while other costumes don't come with stockings.

I thought Snow White would be cute too since I already have the uber pale skin and dark hair. And its an excuse to wear the beribboned thigh highs (sold separately but less than $7). And she has a cape!

Then I realized why not dress like Strawberry Shortcake when I look like her all winter long anyway. I wish it really came with those striped tights though cos they're awesome.

The Madhatter costume? Cos the hat's cool.

Costumes 1, 3 and 4 all at They have some really cute accessories too if you want to go the extra mile. Costume 2 at Target.

What are you wearing for Halloween? Only 25 days left people!

UPDATE: I just ordered my costume! Was gonna post the photo but that's no fun ... I'll show y'all on Halloween! For those hunting down costumes and not wanting to spend over $30, try Amazon. Mine cost $27.69 and ended up being around $32 with shipping. Good luck kiddies!


Diego said...

Starbucks barista costume XD

cd said...

OMG!!! Those costumes are so cute Cel! I say Rainbow Brite, although I agree that the Strawberry Shortcake tights are enough reason for you to go that route!

Sonu said...

ha ha I don't know what I am doing for mine...BUT...

Ram is tying a huge bow around himself, with a giant tag that says " To: Women, From: God"

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Ohmygod Sonu, your brother cracks me up to no end! You HAVE to take a picture of that!!!!

Tin, any Halloween costume plans??

Nature Grafitti said...

Im liking the starbucks getup ;)

The Chiconomist Celine said...

I didn't post the Starbucks barista costume, are you guys talking about the Madhatter one on the right or you just really like the idea of a Starbucks barista costume?

It's pretty funny to wear the barista costume around town though. Gets drunk people in bars REALLY confused. Hahaha ...

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