Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Original Cougar

After days of partying with my brother-from-another-mother Johan and hours slaving away at the UN (I do too work despite what my rapid-fire blogging may imply), I was too exhausted to do anything except curl up on the couch with a movie today. I watched Blair and Serena whack each other with clutches on GG, then turned on The Graduate, which I'd received in the mailbox from good ol' Blockbuster a few days ago.

For me, this movie was all about Anne Bancroft. I watched the smooth, sexy and polished Mrs. Robinson and thought, "That's what I want to look like in my 40s. Perfectly coiffed hair, sexy garters and leopard print everywhere, all the time!" I'll take it minus the below 21 boytoy though ... or so I say right now. Haha I kid! I adore leopard print. It never really goes out of style, and it encapsulates classy and sexy when worn in the right cut (leopard print cycling shorts not being one of them). I've been obsessing about finding the perfect leather jacket for weeks, but one look at Mrs. Robinson and I am suddenly smitten with the thought of a leopard print coat. Forget Kate Moss in leopard print—Mrs. Robinson rocks it harder.
Does anyone know where one can find a nice leopard print coat? I am shite at vintage shopping, so that might not be a realistic option for me. I think the perfect coat would be this Elizabeth & James coat from last year. I might have to explore eBay for this ... I heart it ...


Sonu said...

Gotta love Ann's Eye Makeup....I am such a sucker for the huge fake lashes, even though I can't put them on to save my life :-)

I don't know, I am mixed about animal prints...that said, I haven't ever really tried on a full animal print garment in order to make a fair judgement :-)


The Chiconomist Celine said...

You have to Sonu! Animal prints rock! Well, not ALL of them but leopard is a classic and zebra I will always have a soft spot for.

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