Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Déjà Vu

Back in the 90s, I begged my Mom to buy me 8-hole Doc Martens. They were THE shoes to wear. If you weren't in Docs, you might as well be barefoot. I wore mine with granny dresses and flannel shirts. They are part of my history.

So it scares the sh*t out of me that they are making a comeback. You know what they say about not wearing a re-hashed trend if you wore it the first time around. Holy crap. Am I that ancient? I prefer to go by the analysis that the fashion cycle is just getting shorter and shorter. Who thought of that? Oh, old fashion hags like me.

While browsing in the Union Square Shoemania last week, I saw a pair that I might wear should I dip into this trend again. They were a lighter silver than the pair above and in a very distressed finish. Awesome actually. Could seduce me into stepping into a granny dress or a plaid shirt, most probably. But since I've supposedly evolved over the last *teen years, I'd wear them with grannies and flannies more like these:

Both dresses are from Urban Outfitters by Charlotte Ronson. Dress on the left will set you back $242 while the dress on the right is on sale for $69.99.


cd said...

Oh my! I like those dresses Cel! And ha! I would like to think fashion cycles are shorter now! I still can't get enough of plaid!

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Haha did you get the little boy's plaid shirt yet? Get it na! So cute on you. I totally love the dresses too but can you believe the plaid one is over $200??? No way I'm getting that at retail price!

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