Friday, September 19, 2008

Pondering: Leggings

I wasn't paying attention to my TV so I was caught unaware when Family Guy turned into WWF, and before I knew it, I was watching two chicks in PVC throwing each other around. And because I am clothes obsessed these days, that turned into me pondering leggings. The leggings of late are fancier, shinier, and boasting bells and whistles. But I find myself at a crossroads. Can I get past my 90s glittery-spandex-matched-with-high-tops-with-glittery-laces trauma and get into the stylized leggings trend?

I thought the best start would be to see the haute version of the trend to see the sheer refinement the look could have. I found these breathtaking pure silk Victorian leggings by Chloé which, believe it or not, will set you back $1475 at Neiman Marcus.

The detail is breathtaking upclose: embroidery, tiny silk-covered buttons along the side. I imagine it feels heavenly too. I, however a) cannot afford it, and b) will need therapy if I snag these leggings, and I can't afford that either! But I get the idea. Today's leggings are more like very delicate and very unforgiving trousers, but worn with the right pieces and right body, one can look very sleek and chic indeed.

Moving on. PVC leggings. These are by Les Chiffoniers for $405 at Net-a-porter. Super über rocker chic. I think they're badass and would love to hit the clubs in them. However, I have images of Ross in that Friends episode when he's stuck in the bathroom cos he can't get his leather pants back on. PVC plus sweat plus NY's teeny tiny bathroom stalls? Uh-uh.

Which leads me to these, which are probably the most comfortable yet stylish leggings one will ever find. These are Love Yaya coated terry leggings, $138 at Intermix. They're really terry so they must be pretty comfy. But the coating makes them leather-esque and they have these rad cuts and pockets. Nice.
Suddenly, I have an epiphany! Shiny flashy leggings were thought up by those who wished they could club in comfort. However, since plain cotton leggings will not get you past the doorman at Mansion, they glossed 'em over and paired 'em with killer heels, a long slouchy tunic/tank and a hot clutch (see below), et voilá! Sick chic with sick comfort.
Now that I get it, I have to be able to afford it. Affordable options:
1. American Apparel shiny high waisted leggings for $44
2. Silence & Noise coated leggings at Urban Outfitters ($38)
3. Members Only liquid leather leggings, $88 at Bloomingdales

I just might be able to do this.

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cd said...

OMG! I've been thinking about these too! Try ebay for latex-y leggings from Korea or Japan, cheaper option! =)

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