Monday, September 22, 2008

Flat Feat

So, Blair gave the Tory Burch first season Reva flats the xoxo of death in tonight's episode of Gossip Girl. Done. Finito. New York must move on.

Personally, I've always preferred the now-classic Tod's Degas flat. I love mine and want to get more, but it seems like Tod's stopped making them! All I see in my Tod's searches are "Dee" flats, which I suppose are the Degas' little sisters. But come on now, Tod's. When you have Carla Bruni seeing the Queen and wearing black tie with her Degas flats, your response shouldn't be to stop making the shoe. You make 'em, embellish 'em, razzle dazzle 'em and sell, sell, sell 'em! Bring them back Tod's, please. Bring them back.

The only Tod's Degas flats I could find on the Internet, in classic patent leather for $395 at eLuxury

The Degas flats have become a staple in Carla Bruni's wardrobe, so she can keep on equal footing with the Prez

Carla Bruni rocking the heels on the runway in her past life as a super

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sonu said...

I LOVE the purple coat she is rocking!

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