Wednesday, September 24, 2008

AA Appeal

Does anyone else feel dirty while looking at the American Apparel website?

I was looking to stock up on some basics but I was so distracted with all the nips and me-love-you-long-time looks that I think I'll suck it up and walk 4 blocks to the store. But I've worked out that I want these:

1. The very basic and very sexy turtleneck dress. I like the asphalt color. I like the chichis too. I wish they came with the dress.
2. I have to admit, this chick is hot, and the sheer desire to get some of that sex appeal to rub off may fool me into buying a droopy $22 tank top.
3. Eeek! Her face and visible nips freak me out every time. But it looks like a great top, and worn with a bra it could even possibly be work appropriate. AND it's on sale for $12!


jacquihco said...

Celinni!!! :)

We so have the same taste! I told nels to get me that black turtleneck dress too! (first photo)


The Chiconomist Celine said...

Jacqui!!!!!! I miss you!!!!!! Come here na, pick up the dress yourself! Hahaha ...

Thanks for reading and commenting! Come to NY so we can shop together endlessly :-)

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